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Лив 52 - За здрав черен дроб 60 таблетки - Хималая


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  • Производител: Himalaya

Подпомага възстановяването на черния дроб при употреба на алкохол, лекарства и след прекаран хепатит и ранен стадий на цироза.

In 1955, Himalaya introduced Liv 52, a liver formulation that ensures optimum liver function. The product soon became one of the world's top selling herbal medicines. This success set Himalaya on a growth path, which has continued to date.

The year 1955 saw the launch of Liv.52, a hepato-protective, which soon became Himalaya's flagship brand. Five-plus decades later, Liv.52, has defied standard product cycles and continues to be a top seller! In India, it is the only herbal remedy to be ranked amongst the top ten best-selling medicines.

Възрастни: по 2 до 3 таблетки 3 или 4 пъти дневно.
За деца: по 1 до 2 таблетки 3 пъти дневно.

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